Our Exhibitions

Mauchline Ware

Have you often seen small boxes and other items made of an ochre-coloured wood decorated with scenes of tourist sites while browsing through antique malls? Have you noticed the price of these items? Whew! Stratospheric - especially for their small size. What you’ve...

Cumnock Pottery

The town of Cumnock has been associated with pottery production for many years. From the late 18th century up until the early 20th century the town’s name was connected with a particular type of pottery made from local clay which was inscribed with sayings and...

Cumnock pottery

Bill Reid Memorial Room

Bill Reid's lifetime passion was trucks and this room contains all of his collection of 60 years. Sadly Bill passed away in 2019 and through the Kindness of his wife Mary the collection has found its way to the Heritage Centre to ensure that it can be enjoyed by...

Selection of Models